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International summer school

2020, February 10th-13th (10 hours), – prof. Pier Paolo Franzese, dr. Elvira Buonocore, (Parthenope University of Naples, Italy): “Natural capital, Ecosystem Services, and Environmental Accounting”:

About prof. Pier Paolo Franzese.

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New scientific projects in Academia Copernicana

In the admissions for academic year 2019/2020 5 scientific projects were accepted.


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A new quality in international PhD education

The PhD becomes interdisciplinary, not only in Poland. The European Salzburg II initiative proposed by the European University Association (EUA) made precise recommendations for the future of PhD studies. These recommendations were the outcome of intensive consultations with the members of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE), the largest and most comprehensive organisation concerning doctoral education in Europe. The outcomes of the consultations were discussed by the more than 220 participants at the Annual Meeting of the EUA-CDE at the Free University of Berlin in June 2010, representing 165 institutions from 36 countries.  


Projects that are implemented in ISD AC and scientific advisory boards.




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