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Academia Copernicana Welcoming Day – Internationalisation Across Disciplines and Cultural Integration

On October 12th, 2022, Academia Copernicana doctoral students came together to participate in the inauguration of Academic Year 2022/2023 and celebrate both the rich diversity of our vibrant community and the multi- and inter-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning.

Prominent guests were invited to give inspirational lectures and provide PhD candidates with new insights and knowledge, as well as encourage the sparking of ideas across disciplines.

Academia Copernicana Welcoming Day began with a warm welcome speech by the Head of the School, prof. dr hab. Katarzyna Hrynkiewicz.

Later, dr hab. Gracjan Maciejewski, prof. UMK from Institute of Astronomy delivered an engaging talk on “Our Place In The Universe”, telling the brief story of cosmic evolution, passing on the message that any journey of exploration, also the scientific one, needs a first step.

Presentation of dr hab. Sławomir Wacewicz, prof. UMK from Department of Experimental Linguistics entitled “Studying the origins of language across disciplines. The case of the human eye” gave an insight into a contemporary look at origins of linguistic communication.

Exceptionally motivational speech from mgr Natalia Proń-Nowak, HR Excellence in Research was devoted to vast opportunities available to PhD students which could allow them to raise the quality of their research and boost their scientific career paths.

Last but not least was a talk conducted by dr Bliss Ursula Furtado from Department of Microbiology, who successfully completed her doctoral studies and shared her, not always smooth, however very encouraging and thought-provoking personal PhD story.

The high point of the event was workshop devoted to “Internationalisation and Cultural Integration” ran by an experienced coach – Alicja Lizurej-Hanula. Its main aim was to encourage participants to engage and acquaint with one another and help them improve interaction and, most importantly, encourage to cross-cultural exchange of research experience.

The workshop was financed within the scope of the project entitled “Internationalization of PhD Schools at NCU: a platform for joint and double degree” [PhD@NCU], implemented by NCU Doctoral Schools, as part of the STER Program – Internationalization of PhD Schools of the National Agency for Academic Exchange NAWA.

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