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Expand your horizons and join YUFE DIOSI Model for Doctoral Learning

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  • Participate in the YUFE Pilot on ‘Doctoral Learning’



The aim of The YUFE pilot for doctoral learning is to provide resources designed to meet the core needs of doctoral researchers and help support the personal and professional development during their PhD journey.

The pilot runs from May 2024 until December 2025.


What’s in it for you and how you will benefit?

By joining the pilot, you will:

  • receive a high level of support particularly in the area of your personal growth and increased awareness of your transferable skills and qualifications that are recognised and valued worldwide
  • become part of a global community by engaging in networking with in peers across Europe
  • gain the opportunity to participate in mentorship programme (non-academic mentor)


Who can join the pilot?

Doctoral researchers from all disciplines who are passionate and enthusiastic and are willing to commit to the whole pilot.

Apply by sending an email to:

Write why do you want to participate in the pilot (400 – 500 words maximum)

The deadline for applications: 29th  May (until 8pm.)

More information on The YUFE Approach to Doctoral and Postdoctoral Learning:

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