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The first graduate of Academia Copernicana Interdisciplinary Doctoral School!

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A milestone achievement as the first PhD Candidate of Academia Copernicana successfully defends his thesis!

We write to share our heartfelt congratulations to Yusheng Fu, who became the first PhD Candidate at Academia Copernicana Interdisciplinary Doctoral School to successfully complete and publicly defend a doctoral thesis in a new system - no longer as part of the third-cycle studies, but at the Doctoral School.

In his dissertation entitled:  Effects of corporate volunteering on employee behaviours,  the freshly minted PhD investigates the effects of corporate volunteering on employees’ affective commitment and organizational citizenship behaviour in Polish companies.

This young researcher prepared his thesis under the joint supervision of prof. dr hab. Aldona Glińska-Neweś and dr Andre Soares from University of Lincoln, UK.

As he takes this next step into the future, we wish our graduate every success, both professionally, and personally. We hope time at Academia Copernicana has been valuable, not only in terms of academic studies but also in developing essential skills, friendships and confidence in making decisions about what comes next.


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