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SUMMER SCHOOL - Online lecture for Academia Copernicana students

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Invitation for Academia Copernicana PhD students to the lecture given by dr Charlotte Pearson from University of Arizona.

Title of the lecture: 'Thera Eruption Case Study: How tree-rings have been inwoven with multiproxy evidence to date one of the most famous volcanic events in human history'

Dr Charlotte Pearson is an Associate Professor and dendroarchaeologist at the University of Arizona (USA), in the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. She works on developing new applications of the tree-ring record to examine past human and environmental interactions, improve chronological frameworks and synchronize multiple lines of paleoenvironmental evidence. Her current research focuses on new applications for analysis of carbon 14 in single tree-rings, dendrochronological approaches to the chronology of the Ancient Mediterranean and dendrochemical approaches to dating the onset of environmental disturbances (in particular volcanic eruptions). In this talk she will use the case study of the 'Minoan eruption of Thera' to introduce the different ways in which tree-rings have been inter-woven with multiproxy evidence in an attempt to date this famous eruption and explain why this is important.

Date: April 1st, 2022 
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Platform: MS Teams

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