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YUFE Student Journey

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Registration for the YUFE Student Journey Program continues until May 26, 2023.

Qualified applicants will be able to enroll free of charge in:

  • academic courses,
  • language classes,
  • programs supporting entrepreneurship,
  • workshops and pro-social activities

offered at 9 European universities. Participation in classes is also possible online.

YUFE Student Journey is a program that can be followed for a maximum of 2 years. How many opportunities are taken advantage of during this period depends only on those who qualify. However, students who:

  • complete YUFE academic courses for at least 12 ECTS points,
  • receive at least 1 YUFE Star,
  • and participate in at least 3 activities offered within the YUFE Academy (a series of lectures, talk shows and open workshops held online at all YUFE universities).

will obtain the YUFE Student Journey Certificate - a diploma from one of the first consortiums aspiring to become a European University.

The spring intake is open to undergraduate, master's and doctoral students across the University, and the only requirement is having English language skills at least at B2 level.


  • Information in Polish: PDF
  • Information in English: PDF


Events calendar:

YUFE information desks:

  • April 17th Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management hall
  • April 20th Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences hall
  • April 26th Faculty of Pharmacy hall
  • April 27th Collegium Humanisticum hall


In addition, we invite you to the virtual open days organized by YUFE.


Any questions concerning the YUFE Student Journey should be addressed to:

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