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Grants4NCUStudents - 4th edition

The objective of the call for proposals "Grants4NCUStudents" is to support the scientific, artistic and conservation initiatives of students and doctoral students which are in line with four the most important objectives of the NCU as a research university (4xI@NCU), namely: internationalization, interdisciplinarity, innovation and integrity.

These include especially preliminary research, exploratory research, pilot studies, research mobility, purchase of materials, travel to attend international conferences, participation in international calls for proposals and organization of individual or group exhibitions.

The competition is aimed at: Nicolaus Copernicus University’s Students, Student Academic Circles belonging to Nicolaus Copernicus University and Nicolaus Copernicus University’s doctoral students (exception: doctoral students, who are members of Centers of Excellence).

Questions connected with this contest should be sent to:

Applications, with all needed attachments, for the call for proposals "Grants4NCUStudents" shall be sent using the application form which can be found on the following webpage:

Applications for the competition will be collected from April 4th, 2022 to May 2nd, 2022.

Questions connected with the competition should be sent to:

The list of laureates will be announced at The decisions will be sent by e-mail to the address entered in the application form.

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