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Academia Copernicana
Interdisciplinary Doctoral School

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Academia Copernicana 2020/2021 recruitment

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photo: Andrzej Romański

Recruitment brochure

Recruitment results

Recruitment deadlines

  1. Registration in IRK: 6.07-03.09.2020.
  2. Submission of documents: 31.08-04.09.2020.
  3. Interview: 15-17.09.2020.
  4. Resultes: 22.09.2020.

The research projects - recruitment 2020/2021

Biological sciences

  1. The significance of pigmentation in melanoma biology and treatment [supervisors: dr hab. Anna Brożyna, prof. UMK, NCU/prof. Andrzej T. Slominski, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA].
  2. The effect of endomycorrhiza on the development of viral diseases in solanaceous crops [supervisors: prof dr hab. Katarzyna Hrynkiewicz, NCU/dr hab. Christel Baum, University of Rostock, Germany/dr Edyta Deja-Sikora, NCU].
  3. Intra annual density fluctuations in wood- what we know about atypical radial growth [dr hab. Marcin Koprowski, NCU/Filipe Campelo, Ph.D. Centre for Functional Ecology – Science for People & the Planet (CFE), Department of Life Sciences, University of Coimbra].
  4. A new view on freeze tolerance/avoidance in land snails - role of HSP/CSP proteins [dr hab. Anna Nowakowska, prof. UMK, NCU/dr. Grita Skujiene, Vilnius University, Life Science Center, lnstitute of Biosciences].
  5. Hepato-protective action of Indian Medicinal Herbs – explanation of molecular biological mechanism on pig model [prof. dr hab. Chandra Pareek, NCU/prof. Sanjita Sharma, Veterinary College, Jaipur, India/prof. dr hab. Mariusz Pierzchała, IGHZ, PAN, Jastrzębiec].
  6. Loss of ecosystem services due to natural and anthropogenic extreme events [dr hab. Agnieszka Piernik, prof. UMK, NCU/prof. Pier Paolo Franzese, Parthenope University of Naples, Italy/dr hab. Elvira Buonocore, Parthenope University of Naples, Italy].
  7. Ecological goal functions and the assessment of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services [supervisors: dr hab. Agnieszka Piernik, prof UMK, NCU/prof. Pier Paolo Franzese, Pathenope University of Naples, Italy/dr hab. Elvira Buonocore, Pathenope University of Naples, Italy].
  8. Enhancement of endogenous neuroprotective mechanisms – therapeutic strategies in brain damage [supervisors: prof. dr hab. Justyna Rogalska, NCU/prof. Karol Dokładny, University of New Mexico, USA].

Chemical sciences

  1. Innovative and eco-friendly concept for cosmetic chemistry – alternative cosmetic formulations with reduced water content [supervisors: dr Timothy E.L. Douglas, Lancaster University, UK/dr Justyna Kozłowska, NCU].
  2. The interaction of cosmetic ingredients incorporated into several emulsions with the skin [supervisors: prof. dr hab. Alina Sionkowska, NCU/prof. Michel Grisel, Université Le Havre Normandie, France].
  3. New materials based on modified biopolymers for biomedical and cosmetic applications [supervisors: prof. dr hab. Alina Sionkowska, NCU/prof. Michele Laus, University East Piemonte, Alessandria, Italy].


Earth and related environmental sciences

  1. Spatial distribution, characteristics and environmental hazard of coastal acid sulfate soils in Poland [supervisors: dr hab. Piotr Hulisz, prof.UMK, NCU/dr Anton Boman, Geological Survey of Finland, Kokkola, Finland].

Economics and finance

  1. Financial markets, institutions and systems [prof. dr hab. Magdalena Osińska, NCU/prof. dr Mathias Moersch, University of Heilbronn].

Fine arts and conservation

  1. Comparative study of Chinese and European historical mural decorations. Materials’ identification, painting and gilding techniques recognition and conservation issues [supervisors: dr hab. Mirosław Wachowiak, prof. UMK, NCU/prof. Liu Chang, Tsinghua University, Beijng, China].
  2. Władysław Hasior's works - selected conservation issues, history, and new perspectives on preservation [dr. hab. Sławomir Adam Kamiński prof. UMK, NCU/prof. akad. mal. Tomáš Lahoda, University of Pardubice , Faculty of Restoration].

Management and quality studies

  1. People in Organizations [prof. dr hab. Aldona Glińska-Neweś, NCU/prof. dr hab. Miguel Pereira Lopes, University of Lisbon].

Physical sciences

  1. Quantum Electrodynamics with 2D materials [prof. dr hab. Ireneusz Grabowski, NCU/prof. Carsten Rockstuhl, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology/dr Karolina Słowik, NCU].

Limits: 13.

Required documents

(scans please send to:

  1. application form from IRK;
  2. CV and a letter of motivation in English;
  3. copy of the diploma of the uniform master’s degree or the second-cycle studies (or equivalent) along with the supplement (if the diploma is issued by foreign university, it should be legalized);
  4. information about previous doctoral studies;
  5. document confirming knowledge of English at level B2;
  6. 1 photograph;
  7. list of achievements. All achievements should be documented:
    1. Scientific publications – a photocopy of the first page of the publication, the title page of the magazine along with the ISSN, in the case of accepted papers a document providing the ISBN, ISSN, or DOI,
    2. Participation in research or artistic projects – a statement by the head of the project that the candidate has participated in the project, containing a brief description of the performed tasks,
    3. Prizes and awards in competitions, exhibitions – a document confirming the competition/exhibition containing information about the range of the competition/exhibition (international/national) and indicating the people awarded/distinguished.

Original documents will be required from candidates before the interview: ul. Lwowska 1, room 129 (building of the Faculty of Biological and Veterinary Sciences).

 Rector’s Regulations on qualification for studies at the Academia Copernicana – 2020/2021 (Polish version).


A doctoral student who does not hold a degree of doctor shall receive a doctoral scholarship.

The amount of a monthly doctoral scholarship shall be at least:1) 37% of a professor’s salary – up to the month in which the mid-term evaluation was conducted; 2) 57% of a professor’s salary – after the month in which the mid-term evaluation was conducted.

[According to the legal status in 2020, the scholarship is gross: 1) 2.371,70 PLN, 2) 3.653,70 PLN.]






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