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Optical properties of mixed thin layers ZnO/Alq3/ZnO


Title of the project Optical properties of mixed thin layers ZnO/Alq3/ZnO
Primary and secondary scientific disciplines physics, chemistry
Description of the project Characteristics and main objectives of the research project:

·                     The aim of this project is to study the photo-physical properties of thin layer mixed structures ZnO/Alq3/ZnO. Such structures have very interesting optical and luminescent properties. Therefore, they can be used as an active layer in optoelectronic devices such as light-emitting diodes (LED), lasers.

·                     The goals will be realized via preparation of ZnO/Alq3/ZnO layers by the spin-coating method and then comprehensive studies of their photo-physical properties allowing to draw conclusions about their potential application.

·                     Due to the fact that the use of ZnO/Alq3/ZnO structures in optoelectronics is quite new, many phenomena in these quantum structures remain unknown. Therefore, these structures require extensive research.

·                     Understanding the essence of the basic mechanisms operating in these structures will allow the improvement of their operational parameters and the elimination of certain disadvantages, which could exclude them from the possibility of mass production at this stage. From this point of view, it is necessary to the continued expansion of research on this class of materials. Therefore, the research on improving the optical and luminescence properties of ZnO/Alq3/ZnO layers is necessary and can bring huge benefits for all of us.

The project is conducted in cooperation with:

Institute of Nanotechnologies- INSA Lyon (France)

Principal supervisor: dr hab. Beata Derkowska – Zielińska, prof. UMK
Subsidiary supervisor: dr Robert Szczęsny
Foreign scientific advisor: dr Aleksandra Apostoluk