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Marius Peper


The first and second name Marius Peper
University Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland
Faculty Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Informatics




I graduated in Physics at Bielefeld University. During my studies, I specialised in Cosmology. My bachelor thesis was about Cosmic Inflation. I rediscovered the fundamental problems in a “classical” cosmological model leading to the theory of Inflation and studied how Inflation can explain our observations. In my master thesis I worked on predicting the cosmological radio dipole, a dipole observed in the radio waveband which exceeds the expected velocity dipole by far.


In my opinion, Cosmology is one of the most promising fields for the future, the studies about our Universe, how it was created and how it evolved is of fundamental interest. New technologies will make it possible to investigate the Universe in never seen detail thus the rather young field of Cosmology is a key science to understand our Universe. I am interested in the large scale structure, structure formation, dark matter and galaxy evolution.


I kept working on Cosmology for my PhD, aiming to achieve a better understanding of our Universe. The cosmological standard model is far from being perfect, there is a tension in several measurements to the predicted Universe. With my work, I would like to contribute to increasing our understanding. My current work is based on structure formation and galaxy evolution which is a fascinating addition to my previous projects. The cosmic radio dipole as an example is related to galaxy evolution and of course to structure formation.

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I don’t have a ResearchGate or profile and there is not much information on the others.

Scientific activities

Included projects:

◦              a FNP grant carried out at UMK; Project leader: Michał Zawada

◦              a COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) grant; Project leader: Mohammad Makhlaghi


◦              Poster Presentation

◦              Conference Proceedings paper – accepted and to be published

◦              Presentation

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