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The significance of pigmentation in melanoma biology and treatment


Title of the project The significance of pigmentation in melanoma biology and treatment
Primary and secondary scientific disciplines Biological sciences
Description of the project Characteristics and main objectives of the research project:

  • This project is focused on pigment in melanoma cells – melanin, which is known to be the protector against solar radiation in healthy skin and protector against chemo-, radio- and phototherapy in melanoma cells. Previous research showed that there are differences in biology and responses to treatments of melanoma cells depending on pigment content. Researchers point out the melanin as potential target for melanoma therapies
  • The aim of this study is to analyze the cytoskeleton, adhesion, migration and molecular pathways in melanoma cells with different levels of pigmentation. The melanin content would be controlled by specific media and inhibitors of melanin synthesis
  • The research would be based on melanoma cell culture. The above biological features would be analyzed by immunofluorescence techniques, PCR techniques and with wound healing assay (for migration analysis)
  • The aims stated above should expand our knowledge about melanoma biology and molecular pathways, which would contribute to creating succsesfull treatment

The project is conducted in cooperation with: University of Alabama in Birmingham, USA

Principal supervisor: dr hab. Anna A. Brożyna, prof. UMK
Subsidiary supervisor: prof. Andrzej T. Slominski
Foreign scientific advisor: prof. Andrzej T. Slominski