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Printed plasmonics for efficient biosensing


Title of the project Printed plasmonics for efficient biosensing
Primary and secondary scientific disciplines biophysics, chemistry
Description of the project On one hand, the project focuses on developing simple yet reproducible technology of printing metallic nanostructures, and, secondly, on testing these novel substrates as chips for detection of dyes, proteins, and viruses. In addition to fabrication of biosensor chips, the project aims at devising efficient functionalization techniques for required biofunctionality. Selectivity and sensitivity of printed plasmonic chips will be tested and verified using advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques. Research collaboration within this project will include aspects of material science and sensor development (prof. Sabine Szunerits), as well as surface functionalization protocols (prof. J. Niedziolka-Jonsson).

The project is carried out in cooperation with Université de Lille, France

Principal supervisor: Prof. dr hab. Sebastian Maćkowski
Foreign scientific advisor: prof. dr Sabine Szunerits
Subsidiary supervisor: dr Katarzyna Szot-Karpioska, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences