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Carbon nanomaterials-based surfaces with controlled toxicity


Title of the project Carbon nanomaterials-based surfaces with controlled toxicity
Primary and secondary scientific disciplines Chemistry, Biology
Description of the project Characteristics and the main objectives of the research project:

·         Finalization of the project about the preparation and characterization of surfaces having controllable toxicity may shed new light on the projecting of new materials for very special applications, for example biomaterials and/or materials toxic or non-toxic for selected individuals. It is very important to carry out deep understanding research to find the correlation between selected properties of a surface (for example water contact angle), roughness and composition, and its interactions with some cells. The results will allow us to control the preparation of novel implants or wound healing dressings. Below three the most important parts of this project are listed:


·         Study of a large group of carbon nanomaterials used pristine or modified, to study the influence of their properties on the obtained surfaces.

·         Use and optimization of the electrophoretic deposition process to obtain surfaces with controllable properties.

·         In vitro tests of obtained surfaces to find the dependency between surface properties and toxicity/biocompatibility.

The project is conducted in cooperation with: Universidade Federal de Ciencias da Saude dePorto Alegre, Brasil

Principal supervisor: prof. dr hab. Artur P. Terzyk
Subsidiary supervisor: dr Joanna Czarnecka
Foreign scientific advisor: prof. Marcia Wink