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Przemysław Sędzicki


The first and second name Przemyslaw Sedzicki
University Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland
Faculty Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Informatics


I have graduated in technical physics at the Technical University of Lodz. It seems like I was always interested in “some kind of” solid-state physics. Engineering thesis was related to graphene seen as modern material for the application. Master thesis discussed thin films technology, particularly ZnO in polymer matrices and antireflective layers for solar cells. This shows me the relevance of wet-chemical technological processes in materials science.

I had also a few opportunities to learn more about condensed matter and particles-physics before PhDs studies. I participated in two research internships abroad:

  1. A) 07-09.2014 in Switzerland at Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) Responsibilities: “crash-tests” of electronics with external radiation, the configuration of “electron monochromator” (mass-spectroscope-like device) which was used for tests of electronic devices for European Space Agency
  2. B) 06-08.2015 in Finland at Center of Underground Physics in Pyhasalmi (CUPP) Responsibilities: modelling/calculation of energy distribution of high-energy (E>1MeV) cosmic rays entering Earth’s atmosphere and the probability of its detection in CUPP’s underground facility

I decided to move to Nicolaus Copernicus University because of NCU’s superior equipment in laboratories. I found information about potential supervisors, got (luckily ) accepted and start my works. Proposed study plan included strict cooperation with NCU’s Faculty of Chemistry. I tried to prepare semiconductive layers of zinc and copper mixed oxides (ZnO-CuO) and nitrides (Cu3N), to test its optical and structural properties.

I also started an ongoing collaboration with UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz. UTP has few modern spectrometers (ellipsometric, atomic force and x-ray particles) and experts that gave me a proper introduction to these methods.

Some of the mentioned ideas did not lead to high-quality samples, out breaking results and interesting materials. This forced me to take part in “Academia Copernicana” with a new project. I feel Darwinian about that. Adapt or die! It happened that I turned my attention to bulk crystals from 2nd and 6th groups of the periodic table (denoted as IIA-VIB compounds).

These IIA-VIB compounds are interesting for photovoltaics, diodes and X-ray and gamma detectors and gave me the opportunity to integrate knowledge from solid-state and particles physics as well as chemistry and material science.

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Scientific activities       


Znajdek, K., Sibiński, M., Lisik, Z., Apostoluk, A., Zhu, Y., Masenelli, B., & Sędzicki, P. (2017). “Zinc oxide nanoparticles for improvement of thin film photovoltaic structures’ efficiency through down shifting conversion.” Opto-Electronics Review, 25(2), 99-102.



3rd German Polish Conference on Crystal Growth March 17 21, 2019, Poznań, POLAND

“Optical properties of Cd1–XZnXTe bulk crystals”, B. Derkowska-Zielińska, L. Skowroński, R. Szczęsny, K. Strzałkowski, P. Sędzicki


POSTERS (participation in international conferences):

1)            8th International Workshop of Surface Physics (IWSP-2017, Wroclaw 26-30 June 2017) :

  1. a) “Ellipsometric studies, morphology and luminescence properties of yttrium-doped Zinc Oxide (ZnO) thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis on silicon substrate.”, P. Sedzicki, R. Szczęsny, L. Skowroński, K. Bouchouit, B. Derkowska-Zielińska.

2)            WSE 10: 10th Workshop Ellipsometry,19th – 21st March 2018 in Chemnitz, Germany:

  1. a) “Optical properties of Cobalt/Chromium doped bulk ZnSe”, Przemysław Sędzicki, Łukasz Skowroński, Robert Szczęsny, Beata Derkowska-Zielińska, poster at WSE 10: 10th Workshop Ellipsometry
  2. b) “Effects of phosphorous ions implantation in bulk CdTe crystal”, Przemysław Sędzicki, Lukasz Skowroński, Robert Szczęsny, Hans-Werner Becker, Detlef Rogalla, Michal Pawlak, Beata Derkowska-Zielińska.

3)            3rd ELIPs User Workshops, 12-14 November 2018 Prague, Czech Republic

  1. a) “Optical Properties of CdTe:P”, Przemysław Sędzicki, Łukasz Skowroński, Robert Szczęsny, Hans-Werner Becker, Detlef Rogalla, Michal Pawlak, Beata Derkowska-Zielińska



Faculty’s Grant for development of young scientists according to “Ustawa z dnia 30 kwietnia 2010 r. o zasadach finansowania nauki” (Dz.U. 2010 nr 96 poz. 615) – “Luminescence of doped IIA-VIB crystals – reduction of optical artefacts in emission and excitation spectra”


NAWA-PROM the project, funded by Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange NAWA (agreement no.: PPI/PRO/2019/1/00015/U/00001), financial assistance in international exchange, Bochum 2020