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Recruitment schedule 2021/2022 (II round)

Recruitment schedule 2021/2022 (I round)

Order no. 106 of the Rector of NCU 

Resolution no. 20 on the recruitment terms and procedure

Regulations of the doctoral school of the Nicolaus Copernicus University



As a prerequisite for admission to the Academia Copernicana Interdisciplinary Doctoral School, candidates must submit the following documents by the deadline set in the 2021/2022 recruitment schedule:

  1. A signed application generated from the Internet Registration of Candidates
  2. Academic curriculum vitae and letter of motivation.
  3. Declaration of choosing the School and one or two submitted projects (main and additional project) PDF DOC
  4. Declaration concerning doctoral studies PDF
  5. Declaration that the candidate is not enrolled as a doctoral student in another doctoral school or doctoral programme and that in the case of admission to the Academia Copernicana, the candidate will be a PhD student of only one doctoral school PDF
  6. Copy of the candidate’s master’s diploma and the completion of graduate studies (or its equivalent), or a copy of a certified duplicate, or a declaration that such duplicate will be delivered by the date of announcing the list of accepted candidates.
  7. In the case of theological sciences: a copy of the master’s diploma in theology and Bachelor of Ecclesiastical Studies, or a written statement that during the doctoral studies the student will receive a Bachelor of Ecclesiastical Studies degree.
  8. If English is not the PhD candidate’s native language, a document confirming knowledge of English at at least B2 level is required.
  9. One current photograph in electronic form, which the candidate enters into the Internet Registration of Candidates, complying with the requirements used for issuing ID cards.

Every achievement of the candidate must be confirmed by appropriate documents (e.g. certificates, copy of publications, etc.).

The documents must be prepared in English and sent to within the time mentioned in the schedule below.
The interview is conducted in English.
The specific terms of the recruitment procedure can be found here

After being enrolled to Academia Copernicana Interdisciplinary Doctoral School, the candidate must personally deliver the original documents (including an apostille on degree), Polish bank account number (which is necessary to receive the scholarship) to the School’s administration office.