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Order no. 48 of the Rector of NCU


List of submitted research projects:

No.  Scientific discipline Supervisor(s) Foreign supervisor Auxiliary supervisor Title of the doctoral project
1 biological sciences dr hab. Marcin Woch, prof. UMK Changes in vegetation and soil properties in maritime sand dunes habitats due to invasion of Rosa rugosa Thunb
2 biological sciences prof. dr hab. Katarzyna Hrynkiewicz dr Bliss Ursula Furtado
Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń
A salty face of endophytic bacteria and fungi in alleviating the stress of grass salinity
3 chemical sciences prof. Pharm Dr. Petr Zimčík, Ph.D.,
Charles University, Czech Republic
dr Marta Ziegler-Borowska
Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń
New biopolymer-based drug nanocarriers for photodynamic therapy
4 chemical sciences prof. dr hab. Alina Sionkowska prof. Silvia Vicini
University of Genoa, Italy
Fabrication of new materials based on polymer and biopolymer blends for potential biomedical applications
5 chemical sciences prof. dr hab. Jerzy Łukaszewicz dr Athanasios Chatzitakis
University of Oslo, Norway
Composite materials containing perovskite metal oxides as catalyst for electrocatalytic energy conversion
6 chemical sciences prof. dr hab. Jerzy Łukaszewicz dr Piotr Kamedulski
Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń
Innovative solutions for the introduction of heteroatoms and transition metals to porous carbon matrixes
7 economics and finance dr hab. Peter Molnar, prof. UMK Sentiment and risk: cryptocurrencies and traditional financial assets
8 fine arts and art conservation dr hab. Sławomir Kamiński,
prof. UMK
dr Maria Cunha Matos Lopes Pinto Leao Aguiar
Escola das Artes Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Porto, Portugal
Jonasz Stern’s multi-material works – technology research, selected conservation issues and new perspectives on preservation
9 legal sciences dr hab. Marcin Kilanowski,
prof. UMK
prof. dr Alberto Ghibellini
University of Turin
Rule of law and catholic social teaching. Conflict or agreement?
10 linguistics dr hab. Sławomir Wacewicz,
prof. UMK
Facilitating Online Language Learning with Computer-based Technology
11 medical sciences prof. dr hab. Rafał Czajkowski
dr hab. Mateusz Jagielski,
prof. UMK
High frequency ultrasound – a third eye in the assessment of basal cell carcinoma
12 physical sciences dr hab. Beata Derkowska-Zielińska,
prof. UMK
prof. Georges Boudebs
University of Angers, France
New pyrazoline derivatives as potential materials for practical application in nonlinear optical devices
13 physical sciences dr hab. Katharina Boguslawski,
prof. UMK
prof. Dr. Örs Legeza
Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungary
Eclectic theoretical design of novel light-harvesting materials
14 physical sciences dr hab. Paweł Tecmer,
prof. UMK
dr Paul Andrew Johnson
Département de chimie, Université Laval, Cananda
pCCD-based methods for large scale modeling of organic solar cells
15 physical sciences dr hab. Piotr Żuchowski,
prof. UMK
dr Iulia Emilia Brumboiu
Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń
Development of Theoretical X-ray Spectroscopy Tools for the Characterization of Organic Molecules used in Photovoltaics
16 physical sciences dr hab. Piotr Żuchowski,
prof. UMK
dr Heribert Reis
Institute of Chemical Biology
Athens, Greece
Supramolecular tuning of photophysical properties of squaraines with halogen and chalcogen bonds
17 physical sciences prof. dr hab. Ireneusz Grabowski dr Eduardo Fabiano
Italian National Research Council and Italian Institute of Technology
Lecce, Italy
A new exchange-correlation functionals for weak and strong-iteration limits
18 physical sciences dr hab. Karol Strzałkowski,
prof. UMK
prof. dr hab. Abdelowahed HAJJAJI, Chouaib Doukkali University,
El Jadida, Maroko
Optical, structural and thermal properties of wide gap ZnTe and ZnS bulk crystals grown by Bridgman technique
19 physical sciences prof. dr hab. Sebastian Maćkowski Plasmonic molecular chirality: from designing nanostructures to advanced fluorescence microscopy studies